Clearing Blocked Drains and Pipes

Water running down sink drain

Blocked drains and sewers are an occasional and very unpleasant part of life.

There is often little warning of the inconvenience about to strike. You just need someone to take quick and decisive action to get your plumbing and your home, back to normal.

Expert Plumbing and Gas Services are ready to assist. We know what it takes to get your drains unblocked and your family relaxed again.

We have the technology to see what’s creating the blockage and where it’s located. Thanks to a CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) camera and sonar pipe scanning we can quickly assess the solution to the blockage.

We’ve got the machinery to take on blocked drains, big and small. Extreme high pressure water blasting, the Bellows plunger and our powerhouse clearing solution with rotating steel cables and various cutter heads can push through most problems.

Tree roots are a very common cause of these problems, especially with old pipework. Crumbling and collapse can mean repair, restoration or even replacement are necessary.

Talk to us soon and let us clear those blocked pipes before replacement is your only option. We are here to help.